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The Case of the Esoteric Exorcism

It appears that the most bizarre cases aren’t necessarily born of professional investigative assignments, but rather are stumbled upon and realized unwittingly. I found myself staying in Great Neck at a gaudy gothic styled hotel at Middle Neck Road and Linden Blvd, the sort of place where people seemed affixed to—-as those residing were neither in a state of departure nor arrival. I was visiting a romantic interest that was working on a literature thesis particular to the 6 Gateway Drive residence that had been rented from a private owner that appeared familiar to this sort of historical arrangement. I was afforded the occasional walk through the commons and dinner at Sushi Palace—-and in reality, I spent much down time in between when I was periodically called upon. I was visiting, yes, but I was still casual.
It was on one of these empty, lonesome stretches of nights that I became acquainted with others at the hotel, specifically, on the third floor, the next room over. I was in bed reading when a banging on my wall startled me. Paper thin, the walls could be yelled through.
“Lately, everyone’s been wondering about you—-“
“I can’t really say that I know—-“ I yelled back, thinking myself clever. I got up, made my way out the door, and knocked on theirs.
“It’s unlocked,” I heard through the door.
“If you don’t want privacy, leave the door ajar”
“Open it if you want to come in”
I opened the door and came face to face with a pair of strange, glee-laden eyes.
“Have you ever been in love?” they asked.
“Of course, who hasn’t loved?”
They looked away romantically composing a dreamlike demeanor, recounting, “If I could go back—-back to where I sat, back to the start, back to when I sat in your car, and we fell in love...”
“Well, I’m next door. Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you, next door. I’m next door.”
“I know you are...”
They’re eyes shifted back to me and they said, “And I know you are, too.” Then they went back to a foreign daze and kept on, “Every word you said to me was a loving melody, it was a siren’s song for my heart, and it broke apart”
“Are you alright?” I asked.
Their eyes came back to me, “I loved someone who died in the fires of their own mind.”
“Haven’t we all?” I said, trying to make light of the precarious meeting.
They looked away, downward even, “you left yourself behind, and I remain alive”
“Really—-are you okay?” I asked. The interaction seemed equal parts frightening and theatrical.
Their eyes came back to me, “I left a love behind that withered by refused to decline, I buried it with time, but it remains alive.” They blinked. “Have a great night—-nice to meet you.”
“Yeah.” I went back to my room unsettled yet humored by the interaction. A nostalgic feeling came over me and I looked over photos of past lives, of lost relationships, and reflected upon the truths of modernity. I thought of the good times, and the good life, but eventually the wonder and excitement turned to bitterness and resentment.


from Esoterexorcism, released May 23, 2015
Personnel: Derek Perry, Lonnie Dillinger, Casey Lee, Jeb Barrows, & Sean Stevenson.
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun



all rights reserved


great neck Naples, Florida

dysfunctional anti-recovery backwards walking inward talking shells of people who once thought of themselves as great.

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